Unbiased Netfirms reviews and secret revealed

This Netfirms review site is hosted with Netfirms.com

This review site is special and it has been hosted here with them for many years. This is our privately own website and it is fully unbiased. This review blog also includes server speed test, uptime, and user reviews. Throughout the years of reviews, we are testing their product and service, we can clearly see their advantages and disadvantages. All web hosting reviews written here are fully based on our years of research and testing. Other than that, we have secret discount link and discount coupon price awaits you too.

Netfirms reviews: Is Netfirms the best?

This hosting company has been around for over 10 years, established since 1998 and powering over 1.2 millions websites world wide. In here, they are now offering three hosting plans and each come with various amount of free domain names.


Netfirms reviews on shared hosting services.

Their basic Plus plan start from $3.49/mo (1 free domain) and Advantage plan start from $7.99/mo (2 free domains). Meanwhile the Business plan start from $10.99/mo (5 free domains). Besides really affordable hosting plan, Netfirms.com also have tailor-made e-commerce hosting service that uses Shopsite site builder and currently offered at $12.99/mo.

unlimited hosing plan features


Netfirms review on average user rating.

There are mix chatter when come to Netfirms.com service quality. Some say their service is bad and at the same time, some say their service is the best. When reviewing a web host company, we look into every details possible and try to evaluate everything from technical view and apply the necessary scientific measurement. We want to find out how good is this web host when being compare directly with other top web hosts.

Netfirms rating

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$2.49/mo Netfirms Promotion Coupon (use this signup link)

What is the best Netfirms coupon code?

This web hosting plan is not expensive and now available with biggest discount ever and no promotion code require either. For example the Advantage plan is now at $2.49 per month when you order their 24 months promo package. Gets thirty dollars in total saving, without coupon at all and this discount applies itself.

Promotion code for only $2.49

Similar special discount applicable for other plans too, and it is really more affordable after discount. Give them a try today, no risk to take. This web hosting coupon pricing is valid for user that click and activate the discount link above.

promotion price $2.49

Netfirms coupon on $7.99 domain registration.

They are now having a promotion and contest. Purchase a new domain name $7.99 per year and later access the account and go to Twitter account information page. And register via Twitter message to complete the contest entry.

domain contest

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Netfirms vDeck control panel and Preview

Netfirms vDeck control panel review.

This web hosting company is preferred by 1.2 million websites and they are so popular. This control panel uses the latest version of vDeck control panel and account login can be performed from official homepage at top menu section.

For this review hosted with their basic shared service, it is managed via this the same vDeck control panel too. Following is a preview taken from our own account and it shows the main page after account logged in.

Netfirms vDeck comparison test.

Currently there are growing numbers of vDeck web host available. Some web hosting company even convert from existing platform to this even better vDeck server platform. For our case study, we have seen Dotster.com switching to vDeck and using the identical software for recent year. Here are some of the web hosts that already been using this, this including:

  1. iPage vDeck hosting
  2. Fatcow vDeck hosting
  3. Powweb vDeck hosting
  4. Startlogic vDeck hosting
  5. Dotster vDeck hosting
  6. IPOWER vDeck hosting

vDeck control panel demo

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SimpleScripts Installer Is All You Need

Netfirms SimpleScripts Installer is the most powerful.

Inside this SimpleScripts, we find nearly a hundred of website apps including blogs, forums, eCommerce, social networking, RSS, project management. The most popular and most commonly found open-source apps can be found here and we can install any of these in our domain website.

For this review blog that runs with WordPress open-source apps, it was setup via SimpleScripts too and it took just a few second to complete. We have tested to use this 1-click installer to setup scripts automatically and perform scripts upgrade for existing installation, all works well.

Simplescripts installer

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Actual Website Speed Checks – Fast or Slow?

Is Netfirms speed test fast or slow?

This WordPress blog is hosted with their basic shared hosting plan and used to host our review site, we are able to check their site performance and server response. Here is our latest website speed rating.

Our website with page size of 392 kilobytes require a loading time of 1.60 second to complete. And the best transfer rate is 240 KB/sec. In comparison, this speed is clearly faster compare to Hostgator speed, iPage speed and Bluehost speed.

Website speed test

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Website Uptime, Downtime and Site Availability

Is Netfirms uptime and downtime good?

In this hosted review site, we have monitored website uptime for many years and all our statistic rating are posted here. For us, we are choosing their most basic shared hosting and monitored their service uptime throughout the years.

For our website, the uptime percentage is 99.808% and the downtime is kept at below 0.2%. Pass 3 years, there is 133 downtime events with 1395 minutes in total.

website uptime

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Customer Service Quality Rated

Netfirms after-sales service and customer support quality are rated here. They are now offering hosting services and domain registration to over 1.2 millions websites. That is a huge customer base, and providing technical support to huge customer base is not an easy task. That is why, they are providing multiple channel customer support and offers one of the best service qualities. Here are the channels available:

  1. Phone support.
  2. Email support.
  3. Live chat support.

For your account technical issue that require assistant, choice to use the the latest online chat service for free. Contact support team and get their attention immediately, and they will solve your account problem for sure. We have experienced this several times with our own hosting account, it works great.

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